Forbes talks about us: "How this Polimi spinoff startup helps companies with blockchain-related operations"

“The mission for which we were born two years ago,” explains ceo, Andrea Ciliberti, “is to make blockchain simple, accessible and ready to use for companies and professionals. To achieve this goal, we developed the first Bsm (blockchain system management) software. It is a platform that allows to manage enterprise blockchain projects, especially data notarization and token and Nft management, from a single environment.”

Bcode thus represents a revolution in the industry and is a perfect fit with the latest legal changes. “According to current regulations,” explains head of innovation, Walter Alessandro, “certifying data via blockchain has legal validity. Certifying one’s corporate data is a useful tool for companies, because it is finally possible to prove the goodness of one’s actions in a certain way and protect directors by demonstrating transparency about one’s actions.”

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