Bcode is W3Summit 2023's partner

Web3 transformation: a new approach for valuable projects.

Bcode partner of the W3Summit in Milan, where our Ceo Andrea Ciliberti, participated in a panel discussion entitled “Web3 Guru” together with Americo Cacciapuoti from WoV Labs and Maria Enrica Angelone from Wallife and moderated by the excellent Andrea Pomponi from Arkage.

It was a moment of interesting reflection on the state of the art of the industry, the future of Web3 and its evolution towards a concrete value perspective.

Here are the main points addressed in the speech by Bcode’s Ceo:

🔹 Companies’ investments: according to PolMI’s Blockchain & Web3 Observatory report, companies’ investments in Web3 projects have doubled over the previous year, demonstrating a growing recognition of this revolutionary technology.
🔹 Changing storytelling: we are moving away from the mindset of mere speculation and witnessing a transition where the focus shifts to building value projects, where communities are at the center and digital assets have real underlying value.
🔹 Bcode offers the ability to create Web3 projects in a simple and accessible way. With a no-code tool, brands can realize their innovative ideas by leveraging the possibilities offered by Web3, and with Bcode’s noncustodial wallet, users can store and use digital assets within their wallet.
🔹 Using permissionless blockchain without necessarily using cryptocurrencies: Bcode allows users to operate on permissionless blockchain without necessarily having to use cryptocurrencies. This expands the opportunities for creating Web3 projects, making this innovation accessible to an increasingly broad audience.

A digital asset was associated with the event ticket, which allows access to a restricted web area of both the summit site and partner sites (including access to an augmented reality experience by Metagate – Milan) without exchange of data between users and with automatic login based on ownership of the digital asset.

This is a tangible example of how Web3 can transform our interaction with events and services, creating new opportunities for engagement and value.

Web3 is an ongoing revolution that is already changing the way we do business and connect with the world. Thanks to initiatives like Bcode, this transformation is becoming accessible to everyone, with no limits on technical knowledge or need for cryptocurrency.

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