Solution per industry

Learn about all of Bcode's product lines divided by target industries.

Bcode Notarization

The model for notarizing data as a strategic business asset.

Data Notarization

Certify as much data as you want automatically via API or manually.

Document storage and certification.


Allow auditors to conduct investigations of data that are legally certified and immutable.

Verification and auditing bodies.

Bcode Certified

Bcode products for certifying any type of asset or activity.

Asset certification forms

Certification of physical objects through their associated digital twin.

Second hand luxury, watches, automotive dealers.

Forms for skills certification

It certifies workers' skills in a certain and incorruptible way.

Human Resources.

Activity certification form

Certifies corporate data to support compliance with ESG criteria.

Carbon credit.

Bcode Digital Product Passport

The digital passport associated with your product (physical or digital).

Digital Product Passport • Goods

In the Digital Product Passport, the most important information about each product is identified to educate the consumer.

Second hand luxury, watches, fashion.

Digital Product Passport • Service

DPP requires collecting and sharing data from the entire life cycle of a product, accessible in the form of a "digital twin."

Carbon credit.

Bcode Digital Twin

A digital twin is a Web3 digital asset (an NFT) associated with a physical or itself digital object.
It follows the object's life cycle as a certificate of ownership, warranty, and maintenance of the object.

Automotive, watch & luxury, wine & food, fashion, ticketing.

Bcode Token Gate

The verification method for accessing physical, digital and content spaces to users with specific tokens.


Interact with the community in possession of your token.



Creates tokens representing a membership.



Associate Tokens to tickets for exclusive experiences.

Events agency.


One token sent to the user for each loyalty point collected.

Events agency.