Bcode speaks at WMF 2023 to talk about Web3

The edition of WMF 2023, more and more a reference point of digital Italy, was a really interesting one!


Andrea Ciliberti, co-founder & Ceo of Bcode spoke with a speech entitled “From Web2 to Web3. Tools and use cases for the ongoing revolution.”


Here are some points from his speech:


🔹 Web3 is already revolutionizing our digital experience.

🔹 The narrative we have heard to date focusing on cryptocurrencies and NFT for merely speculative phenomena is wrong and biased, and in fact companies are investing for different and valuable projects by integrating Web3 into their digital strategy

🔹 The Web3 is an infrastructure that enables everyone to participate, create, and transfer value in the availability of users

🔹 There are tools such as Bcode that enable brands to create and manage Web3 projects without writing code and without using cryptocurrency, leveraging permissionless networks

🔹 Bcode’s non-custodial wallet allows users to receive and store tokens easily and without having to use cryptocurrency

🔹 Web3 adoption and the use of Bcode offer tremendous opportunities for businesses 

🔹 Web3 represents the future of the Internet and Bcode is at the center of this revolution by configuring itself as a bridge between the traditional and emerging Web3 worlds, simplifying the adoption of this innovative technology


Many thanks to everyone who came to visit us at our booth.

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