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Suite of ready-to-use, easy-to-use tools for participating in and creating Web3.

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We want to inspire and empower the change maker in each of us to make Web3 accessible and easy to use


Software, integrations, APIs to create, integrate and manage as many Web3 projects as you want.


A self-custodial wallet to use crypto-assets quickly and easily.

Digital Product Passport

Create the Digital Product Passport for each of your products according to ESPR guidelines for environmental sustainability.

Rule the Web3. In one software.

Bcode is a system integrator that enables you to create, integrate and manage Web3 projects. Starting now.
To create digital assets, tokens, crypto-assets and notarize data easily.

Get the benefits now.

Get the benefits of Web3 right away by offering transparency and authenticity and transferring product certificates and tokens of your brand. We take care of the technological complexity.

New business models.

Enable new business models thanks to the possibilities offered by Bcode technology and the MiCA European Regulation.

Save time and costs.

Reduce development and go-to-market costs for your Web3 project. Bcode is a no-code solution that is ready-to-use and can be integrated into management or marketing software.

Crypto-asset programmability.

To certify data, to create, transfer, manage and program crypto-asset rules and dynamics on Web3.

Notarization Decree • GDPR • Fintech Decree • MiCA

You can count on a performant, ready-to-use technology infrastructure and a company in compliance with current legal regulations, pilot and experimental regimes and incoming directives.

Certify data and documents.

Bcode enables notarization of data and documents in accordance with the law using blockchain technology. Manually or automatically by easily integrating our API.

Walletplace. Also in White Label.

The wallet is also available in a white label version, a self-customizable wallet for brands and released as a Web3 app on iOS and Andriod. Or directly within your app.

Schedule and manage crypto-assets.

Discover a new way to create and transfer value to your customers. Thanks to Bcode everything you need to program crypto-assets is ready to use.


Definite regulation

Bcode. In compliance with current regulation and in line with new decrees:

  • Art.8-ter D.L. Semplificazioni (Italy)
  • GDPR Regulation (EU)
  • Fintech Decree (Italy)
  • Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (EU)
  • Regolamento MiCA (EU)

A modular system.

With Bcode you have a scalable system that offers the possibility of being run stand-alone or fully integrated into the business tools you already use.

Integration and scalability

Integrate Bcode into your business tools also via API and scale our services as your business or project grows.

A boost to your CRM

Integrate a new class of data into your CRM, get to know your end users without asking for sensitive data or requiring complex actions from your users.


Bcode uses carbon negative blockchain solutions to support our commitment to the Earth.


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Guides and tutorials

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Success Stories

Find out how some of our customers are using Bcode to easily create and manage Web3 projects.

Skills certification and attendance certificates managed through tokens. Here are all the benefits.

The Marketers World ticket becomes an "event remote control" token and a community engagement point via an NFT video game.

Data certification via blockchain technology as support and value-added document storage for your company and state monopolies.

Token and document notarization become a value-added tool for certification of luxury items.

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