Ready-to-use service provider for crypto assets.

With its own software, Bcode is set up as a ready-to-use service provider for the creation and scheduling of crypto assets as outlined by MiCA Regulation.

Crypto-assets, a new paradigm.

Discover a new way to create and transfer value to your customers. Thanks to Bcode everything you need to program your crypto-asset rules is ready to use.

Crypto-asset programmability.

Create and customize programming rules for your crypto-assets, without any code development skills, thanks to our no-code software.

Technology ready for new challenges.

Bcode is a Web3 technology ready for the challenges of the future economy, new euopee rules, serving people, through the use of innovative technologies.

MiCA Regulation

MiCA regulates at the European level the digital representation of a value or right that can be transferred and stored electronically, using Web3.

Service provider

The business of Bcode is the provision of one or more crypto-asset services through ready-to-use tools to customers, as authorized to provide crypto-asset services.

White Paper for Utility Token

MiCA provides for the publication of a White Paper for the creation and management of non-asset-linked utility tokens. Use our template already validated by a legal opinion!

Activity-linked Tokens.

For companies that qualify and have applied for authorization, Bcode is set up as a ready-to-use service provider for issuing tokens.

Smart Contract Programmability.

Expiration, automatic transfer and management rules, we have created a function for every need. Program tokens as you like. Without writing code.

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