Bcode is a partner of Le Guide de L'Espresso

Bcode is a partner of “Le Guide de L’Espresso. The 1000 wines of Italy.”

On June 26, we had the honor of participating in the award ceremony of the best 500 wineries inside the prestigious Manzoni Theater in Milan.

It was a truly exciting event where our COO Walter Alessandro presented the award to the best winery in Italy: Elvio Cogno.

Themes of the evening: revolution and innovation. And in this context Bcode played a leading role.

It was fascinating to interact with the wine excellences and wineries present, exploring all the possibilities and tools offered by Bcode, such as the Digital Product Passport, a Web3 solution that enables certification, anti-counterfeiting and advanced engagement towards its users for the wine sector, and beyond.

The partnership between Bcode and Le guide de L’Espresso represents an important step forward in the digitization of the wine industry.
We are excited to be part of this revolution and to work alongside wine excellence to enable meaningful digital transformation.

The evening was a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, learn about industry needs, and share our commitment to providing accessible, innovative, and ready-to-use solutions.

We will continue to drive change in the world of wine, supporting the wine industry in its growth, promoting the authenticity and quality of Italian products.

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