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Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation

The proposed ESPR establishes a framework to improve the environmental sustainability of products and their circularity.

Companies selling into the EU will have to complywith the requirements through a digital product passport.

What is the Digital Product Passport?


The Digital Product Passport of a product is the set of information and data digitally associated with the physical product.

How to use

The information contained within the DPP provides guidance on how to repair, recycle, remanufacture, or dispose of the physical product.

What is it for

This information and the DPP should be updated along with changes or maintenance work made to the product.

How to access

A product's DPP is unique, linked to unique product IDs, and must be accessible to anyone via a Link or Qr Code.

A ready-to-use Saas to manage everything

Bcode DPP is a Saas compliant that allows companies to create digital passports of its products in a secure and incorruptible way while also sharing it with the end customer.

Build your Digital Product Passport with Bcode

Bcode Digital Product Passport Software enables companies to meet the requirements of the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation and manage all operations and flows from a single dashboard.

Create Digital Passports for your products

Quickly create digital passports of your products securely and incorruptibly.

Share with the end customer

Share the DPP and all the information in it with the end customer via Qr code.

Digital Product Passport Update

Update internally or have the DPP updated by outside third-party companies (Support and Maintenance).

A new class of data

Bcode offers the ability to monitor the progress of DPPs through KPIs and Analytics callable from the dashboard.

Bcode Digital Product Passport.
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Simplicity with DPP

DPPs are created with a unique ID associated with the product and the entire product documentation. The documents and data entered, are automatically notarized, creating incorruptible versions of the DPP.

Update DPP

Whenever the product is subject to after-sales interventions, the DPP is automatically updated with new information and notarized.

Accessing the DPP

The product's DPP is freely accessible via a Qr Code placed on the product itself, and linked to a web page. Here the customer will find all the information and files notarized by the company, as well as any maintenance work and directions for proper end-of-life-related disposal.

Accessing the DPP

Access to the DPP is easy and free.

Within the page the customer finds all information, notarized files and any maintenance work.

All previous versions can also be consulted, ensuring product traceability.

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