Where we are and where we are going.

A very clear path.

We started Bcode development in 2020 with very clear ideas about where we wanted to go.
In this section you can find out about the state of the art of Bcode software and the features under development.

Bcode ID

A digital identity provider useful for any of your Web3 applications.

Wallet Connect

Being able to access within your Bcode Walletplace via WalletConnect will be a breeze. And you'll find Bcode Walletplace in the list of wallets supported by WalletConnect!


Being able to sell the tokens you own on a marketplace with access through Bcode Walletplace. Simple, practical, compliance, and available in White Label.

Introducing cryptocurrencies.

With the introduction of this new feature you will be able to manage cryptocurrencies directly in Bcode WalletPlace. Managing your wallet will be super simple and versatile!


To facilitate the buying and selling of digital assets based on market prices in a simple and intuitive way, in true Bcode style.